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Treating Sleep Disorders

A woman in bed is being consulted by her doctor about her sleep disorder

There are many different ways to help treat a sleep disorder including medical and holistic methods. One of the most basic treatments is a modified diet along with an exercise program. About 70% of those suffering from sleep apnea are also overweight or obese.

For these sufferers, eating healthier and working out regularly may help the severity of their sleep disorder.

Oral appliances are also available as a treatment for sleep apnea. For patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea, these devices can be a viable option. Oral appliance treatments are custom-fitted by a dental sleep specialist in order to ensure a perfect fit.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is considered the most effective option for treatment of sleep apnea by recommending doctors. CPAP therapy is noninvasive and safe as it doesn’t require drugs or surgery. CPAP machines are now virtually silent, which not only helps you sleep better, but also your sleeping partner.

One of the more extreme alternatives is surgery. Surgical treatment for sleep apnea may include work to the patient’s jaw, the airway, or surrounding tissue. In some cases, one may need a combination of procedures in order to achieve the best results.


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