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How To Order a Sleep Study

How to get a sleep study from a sleep clinic.The first step when you think you might have a sleep disorder is to consult with your primary care physician or a specialist about getting a sleep study. Based on your symptoms or results of a questionnaire such as the one to the right, your doctor may refer you to a sleep lab for a study.

Once your doctor refers you for a sleep study, a professional sleep technician will observe your sleeping habits and monitor your activity. By participating in a sleep study, any sleep disorders can be identified and get you on the road to treatment and a better night’s sleep.

Most sleep centers provide a comfortable, relaxing room for you to sleep in as well as varying amenities such as a television, personal bathroom, and luxury bedding. When you go in for a sleep study, you are able to bring anything from books and work to a teddy bear; anything to make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing.


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